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About CNG One Source

CNG One Source is a compressed natural gas corporation headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania.  CNG One Source is a leader in the CNG and LNG industry, providing patented technology for natural gas engines.  CNG One Source provides solutions to businesses, municipal governments, and consumers seeking to use clean American energy while improving their bottom line.  CNG One Source is “one source” for all your CNG needs including feasibility studies, research and development, fleet conversions, refueling stations, maintenance, service and training.  

Compressed natural gas is a clean and abundant fuel, which produces 90% less emissions than gasoline, and costs about half the price.  Recent studies indicate that the Marcellus and Utica Shale promise an enduring future with natural gas resources.  Given the constant instability in the Middle East, converting our fuel systems to natural gas would allow the United States to achieve energy independence and freedom from foreign oil. 

Compressed natural gas has been used to fuel vehicles since the 1940’s during World War II, and although there are currently over twelve million cng vehicles around the world, only 120,000 are in the United States.  One of the barriers here has been the lack of infrastructure. 

The current problem has been compared to the proverbial chicken and the egg question:  How can vehicles be sold without the infrastructure to support them, and how can refueling stations be supported without a supply of vehicles?  CNG One Source offers a solution to this dilemma.  CNG One Source converts gasoline (or diesel) vehicles to “bi-fuel” systems, which will enable them to operate on cng when available, and gasoline (or diesel) when cng is not available.  CNG One Source also provides fueling stations.

Nationally, large trucking fleets are converting to compressed natural gas, as are waste management trucks, delivery vehicles, bus fleets, UPS, Ryder trucks, taxi cab services, police departments, and more.  State by state, infrastructure and cng fleets are growing throughout the United States.  This growth is accompanied by the need to train and certify qualified installers, inspectors, and emergency response personnel.  CNG One Source will provide education and training at its headquarters in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Questions or concerns about drilling (fracking) for natural gas, or about the safety of CNG tanks? Watch the videos below.

A History of Natural Gas

Chesapeake Energy

CNG Tank Safety Testing

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